Welcome to the new website

Greeting and welcome to the new Resvernas.net! Launched on August 3, our hope and expectation is that this new unified website will better serve the citizens of Resvernas, and our visiting dignitaries. If you encounter any problems, issues, or missing information, please let us know and we will be happy to look into it.

The Kingdom of Resvernas is a gargantuan, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Grealind with an even hand, and remarkable for its compulsory military service, digital currency, and frighteningly efficient economy. That economy, worth a remarkable 1,861 trillion Resvernan Pounds a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise largely restricted. The main areas of employment: Arms Manufacturing, Tourism, Information Technology, and Book Publishing serve as the backbone of the employment sector. Average income is an impressive £164,000 - and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

About David

Howdy all, my name is David. I run an IT & Web Consulting company and I am also on the Board of Directors for a regional Scholarship Foundation. As far as Politics and War goes, until March 1, 2016 I was the leader of Cobalt, one of the oldest alliances to be in existence. We were the 8th oldest at the time of our disbanding.

I served as the first IA person for Seven Kingdoms back in Project Terra, although that only lasted a month or two. I couldn't stand that game so I left. I was nation ID 24 there though. So it's funny, it's almost as if I'm back home. I was also the Black Knight's first Minister of the Interior before I left them to join the Seven Kingdoms.

In Cyber Nations, I currently am the Chancellor of the Interior and 2nd in command of Atlas, a Brown team alliance that is currently in I believe the top 50? I may be wrong, or we may have slipped down a bit... I don't even know, I don't care about rankings much in that game. Prior to my time in Atlas, I was Minister of Finance for UINE, Minister of Defense for UPN, Chairman of the GSO (R&R's short lived protectorate), Deputy IA of The German Empire (v1), Tech Czar of OMFG, Prime Minister of the North American Confederacy (I considered joining them before deciding on SK), Chancellor and later Emperor of The German Empire (v2), Director of Finance for The Combine, Minister of Defense and later Vice Consul and Vice Regent for Ragnarok. From there I went to the Guru Order, before departing for The Legion where I was their Deputy IA. After Legion, I joined Promethius and became the leader, and then merged into North Star Federation where I was the 2nd in command, before asking for a demotion to 3rd in charge and chief of legislation. From there I left NSF to join Atlas. I've been playing CN since late 2006.

In Lord Empires, which is where I met Mikey, Cody K, and other founders of the Seven Kingdoms-Project Terra, I was the leader of The Roman Empire, but that game was terrible, and then Guardian just made it so much worse prior to them leaving. That was... bad.

In Pixel Nations, I was the leader of Exodite, the top alliance in that game before I purchased it from Sheepy. You all know that didn't end well for anyone involved, and after a year and a half, I sold the game.

Here in Politics and War, I joined at the insistence of Pubstomper, The Atlas Confederacy's leader, and Cyradis, Empire of Spades' 2nd in command. The three of us were in Atlas (Cybernations) at the time, and they convinced me to come on over. I joined the first alliance to send me a recruitment message because they both told me to try and help a smaller alliance instead of joining an established one. Josh Granger was atrocious as a leader, and Pubstomper basically forced him to step down in my favor. Not proud of how that went down, but I can say that I am proud of the alliance I did build.

As for my work on the Board of Directors for that Scholarship Foundation I mentioned. We award between $10,000 to $15,000 annually to young underprivileged high school seniors so that they can help make their educational aspirations a reality. My official title is Board Webmaster, however I am also the organization's de facto Chief Technical Officer, and as of last month I also co-chair the 10 year anniversary Dinner, Dance, and Gala committee. I have an Associates in Business Admin, a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, and two Masters, one in Political Science and one in Public Relations.